Friday, January 15, 2010


The Lovely Bones
By: Alice Sebold
p. The beginning - 30

  As I started reading The Lovely Bones it first starts of by Susie explaining herself and her death.  Susie is fourteen and she has changed completely. She was turning into a young lady and boys are looking at her more than before. Shes the oldest from the Salmon sisters.She was coming home from school and she wanted to get home quicker so she went through the cornfield. She was focusing on something completely different that she forget to examine her surroundings. She got startled when she seen Mr. Harley. Mr. Harley was her next door neighbor but they never really socialized with him. He was trying to get to know her and  she didn't really feel as comfortable taking to adults. He asked her if she wanted to go see something really cool and she replied that it isnt  good idea because her mother doesn't like when she gets home after dark. Mr. Harley had looked around and said its already dark outside, so just come itwill only take a few seconds. So she went with him. So Mr. Harley got her to go with him to a hiding place he made underground. Susie is surprised and thought that it was cool that he made that she even said that is neato. So he see's that she is becoming more comfortable so he asked her if she wanted a coke and to see if she can take off her parka. She starts to become nervous and he blocks the entrance, at this point she really scared. Susie is fighting him off as much as she can. She cries and cries out but nobody knows where she is and he just forces her to be quiet by stuffing the hat with bells her mother had made her into her mouth.Mr. Harley makes her say that she loves him even though she knows that she is going to die. It's a matter of seconds that he was going to kill her.After that Mr. Harley rapes Susie and after he stabs her to death and cuts her body up into small pieces. When he was ickin up after himself he left her elbow which was found by the dog of the house. The only clue that was left and it had corn on it. Mr. Harley was the only person who owned the cornfield.
  Once everyone finds out that she is dead everyone is paying their respects and especiaqlly Mr. Harley which goes to her mother and said I hope they get that sick monster. knowing that he's the evil monster.

"Mr. Harley told her the usual: "I hope they get the Bastard. I'm sorry for your lost." "( Sebold 8).

After reading this i despise that petafile so much, I cant believe he would do such an evil thing to Susie, she was so innocent and how can Susie be so irresponsible. She should have studied her surroundings and knew that being with a complete stranger was a bad idea. Especially if her parents dont really talk to him. Susie now is in heaven and everyone in her school went to see her. She wasn't popular but everyone felt a loss when it came to her death. She should have just went straight home knowing that it's dark already she should have just ran home. I just want to know, Why did Mr. Harley leave that evidence ? , and how did the dog find it when it was under ground?