Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Metamorphosis by: Franz Kadfka
The Metamorphosis begings witht the main character waking up and discovers that he had been transformed into a bug when he was sleeping. He looked at himself countinusouly and discribed how he looked. His belly was rounded and brown, and he had an enormous amount of legs. At first he thought it was a dream but, in reality it was no dream it was a horrible experience for him. Samsa then kept thinking to himself if maybe he can go to sleep and hellbe human once again, but the problem was he couldnt fall asleep because he is used to sleeping on his right side and since he truned into a bug it was quite hard for him to do so. When he would turn himself he would rock back and forth to the same spot he started. The only thing Samsa could think of was his priorities. Samsa is is traveling salesmen and he that was the same day he had to travel out and he had to be at work no matter how much he didnt like it. He looked at the clock and found out that he was going to be late for work, he was never sick or out of work a day of his life while he worked for that company. So he kept thinking to himself what if he calls in sick will they suspect something. But, he couldnt do that either because he has never been sick so they would have acted suspicious.  His mom kept kalling him , but he was very scared because he didnt know what to say till he jus told her yes mother imokay. HE was making his way of his bed, he was making good progress. But everyone was asking for him but he didnt want to open the dorr he wanted to abandom his family because he was scared of what they would think. His boss was at his house telling him to open the door Samsa toldhim not to waste his time he will go to office and to give the employers his best wishes. His mom was crying atthis point she knew something was wrong and Samsa didnt say anything. His sisterwas crying in her room. Gregor went to sleep again and the Chief Clerk was turning the key to open the door. He wont come out of his room, then we find out that he was in the military in the picturehe was a lietenant. He still wont come out but he countinues to say that he is alright and that he is going to work.

"The boss would surely arrive with the Health-insurance doctor, would complain to his parents about their lazy and would cut short all objections by refering them to the health-insurance doctor,in whose eyes the onlt people that exist at all are perfectly healthy specimens who are work-shy"(Kafka 13).

Samsa turned into a bug, and all his worried about is getting to work about what is he going to d. What if he calls in sick? no way man your a bug youcant work like that in those conditions.Hes a salesman whos going to buy something fromhim if he tries to sell something. He would scare away all the customers. He should be more worried about turning intoa bug, forexample hes unable to move he needs to learn how to move with his body. Also he needs to tell his family ,he might wantto portray the perfect son and worker but he needs to tell them the truth and stop telling them that hes fine because in reality his not , he was turned into a bug. Some questions that I asked were How did he turn into a bug?, Did his family turn into bugs?, and is he having a dream.