Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold 
 p. 30-100
       As I continued reading the Lovely bones the police is discovering a lot since what had happened to Salmon known as Susie. The Police found her blood into the ground where Mr. Harvey made the underground getaway place but, they didn't find her body. They found a lot of her stuff that she had left behind in there like her copy To Kill A Mockingbird, the paper she had written on Orthello, her notes from class, and a love note from Ray Singh. Since Rays letter was found there he became a suspect but he had an alibi. Since he was different that didn't help him. The Police also found her belongings under ground and they finally issued  that someone had done this to her. Her family vent they're feelings differently. The mom gets very dramatic and the father sinks his face into the their dogs fur. Her sister just stops herself from crying and exercises a lot to hide her feelings. While all of this is going on, Susie's murderer Mr. Harvey continues to build doll houses, which is his job and keeps his innocent face.
     Also Susie is in heaven which is the best place she has ever been in. Whatever she wants she would have and she had a roommate in heaven. Holly and her hanged out a lot they would see souls leave the humans body from earth. 
     Susie wants to let her family see her because her father has finally started showin that his enraged feelings. Susie wishes she could break through to her family and on December 23 and she does. Her father goes to his den to clean it and sees all the ships in bottles he had made. He had always allowed Susie to pull the string that opened the sails of the ships when he was finished. He becomes so enraged that he smashes every single model he made. Not knowing how, at that moment, Susie reveals her face in all the shards of glass that lay everywhere. It is only a second, but her father sees her. He runs for Susie’s bedroom and sobs on her bed. 

"Gently he would draw the one string that still reached out of the bottle's neck, and, voila, the sails all rose, from simple mast to clipper ship" (Sebold 45).

This quote is very significant because this is the part where she reveals herself to her father. It was a tradition she ust to always pull the string of the boat, but he ended up seeing her. I don't think that was a good idea because that gave him so many emotions and made him run to her room to cry. I know she wanted her family to see her but that might have been to much and knowing that she just passed away.

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  1. what is the purpose of heaven in the book? Can Susie "do" anything with the people alive on Earth?