Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Lovely Bones by: Alice Sebold
p. 101- 328
  As I finished reading the Lovely Bones we are jus discovering that the father has started his own investigation because he feels as if the police isnt really helping the situation at all. So after a while the father senses that her murderer would be Mr. Harvey. So before he starts searching around Mr. Harveys house he calls Len Fenerman about Harvey. Fernerman goes to Mr. Harvey's house and starts askin him questions. Fenerman is told by Harvey the tent is a wedding tent built in memory of his dead wife Leah. Mr. Salmon remembers being told her name was Sophie. He writes down these nameas, a list of the dead. So after a while, Ruth begins walking in the cornfield and Ray joins her. Mr. Salmon visits Ray’s mother, who agrees to let him speak to Ray. He tells her George Harvey killed Susie, but there is no proof. She tells him she would kill Harvey. 
    Susie makes another apperance in front of Buckley who is her little brother. While that is happening Mr. Harvey starts having disturning dreams about women and children and he begins to feel very guilty and it bothers him throught the whole book. He becomes very paranoid. Lindsey her sister breaks into Mr. Harveys house and finds a sketch of where her sister was killed. While she was coming out of Mr. Harvey's house he saw her and he called the police but decided not to press any charges. But, of corse the police didnt believe Lindsey and they favored Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey made himself seem like he was the good guy because of his job. At his job he basically build doll houses. We later find out towards the end of the book that this wasnt the first time he lowered a girl into an area to rap her and kill her. He builds places or things to get girls intersted and makes them come to him like trapping a pray. He has done to more than 12 girls and he has never gotting caught.
     Time goes by and then Susie finally desides to just move on because no one is going to find out who killed her. So the family eneded up moving on Lindsey ended up loosing her virginity to Samuel on their way home in a closet, and after he asked her to marry him.
"Heaven is about flathead nails and the soft down of new leaves, wild roller coaster rides and escaped marbles that fall then hang then take you somewhere you could never have imagined in your small-heaven dreams" (Sebold 325).
Finishing this book I look back and tell myself this book wasnt about Sussie it was more about her family and their struggles. I think that because since she died she can't do much because she cant communicate with them at all. Her father has to go through a lot to get over things. He ends up using violence and having breakdowns. The mother ends up going crazy and takes a brake she ends up leaving the house for a while but ends up coming back towards the end. Susie's sister Lindsey works out to get over her anger and sadness. She keeps thing to herself and shuts everything out. But, Samuel ends up getting her back to how she ust to be. Her family struggles throught this whole book. Sussie looks after them but she can't do anything so this book was jus about the family going through hard times and how an old disgusting man would prey on innocent girls , rape them then kill them in the worst ways. Personally i think this book was to personal for me.

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  1. sorry that the book was not a good choice for you.

    Did any character "grow" through the story, or is it just a frustrating tale of injustice?