Sunday, April 11, 2010

ROAR #2: The Devil in the White City

The Devil in the White City by: Erik Larson
p. 69 - 175

   As I countinued reading The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson they finally decided that they were going to do the fair in Chicago. Since they were going to do the fair in Chicago they were making sure that the fair was going to be perfect, they decided that whoever was going to design the fair was going to be well skilled. Since France was a perfect, they made it a competition if the fair isnt the best people all over the world were goign to hate whoever built it, but whoever designed the best fair ever was going to become very famous. The architects that agreed on building the masterpiece were McKim, Post, and Peabody. The book goes into their past history and explains how they had arrived where they were at that momment, aggreing whether they were going to build the fair. Ideas were being thrown out into the workplace to see if anyone can come up with anything. Then suddently Holmes said why dont the fair be a hotel. More ideas started coming out afterwards. For example to make sure the Hotel was affortable to people who want to visit Chicago for this big event. They were finally coming to a glance for this fair but it didnt seem big enough for the event which was an impediment. While Holmes was hired to design this fair he realized that they have been an increase on how many people have been missing but, he didnt let that get in his way because he only came to Chicago to become rich and famous. The Fair was coming on to it's highlight at this point.

"Patients stayed in the three-story Livingston Hotel, a red-brick building of simple appealing design, with arched windows and a veranda along the full length of its facade, a fine place to rest between injections of Dr. Leslie Enraught Keely's "Gold cure" ( Larson 161).

In this part of the book it has come to my attention that people in Chicago have become to ust to the disapearences that they have forgotting that it is a huge crime for somebody to kill and be kidanpped. Since a big event is coming into this part of the city they trying to not make it a big deal because they didnt want to make Chicago look bad , do to the people who voted for the fair to be in Chicago. The the weird thing is Chicago in general sounds dangerous and people decided to have this famous fair there. As for Holmes, how can he jus countinue his work withought caring for the other lives that are being taking away. I know money is a big deal in this world but it didn have to go that far when people know about the killings and not say a word.

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