Thursday, April 29, 2010

ROAR #5: The Devil in the White City

The Devil in the White City by: Erik Larson
p. 320 - the end

While going towars the end of this book the Fair is also ending and everyone in the fair is movin out of Chicago because they have finally been aware that the mass disapeerences of people have been gettin bigger. But on the bright side the Fair ended up raising over 1.5 million dollars to pay of the exposition debt. Holmes was the reason of all the murders they were going to hang him because he was found guilty and he said he killed 2 people but in reality he killed over 200 people because of all the disapperes that have been going on for a while. He was sentenced to be hanged and before he was hung he confesed of all his sins that he did. He killed his children and buried them in the backyard. He imprisoned people then killed them. So all of the mysterious murders during the Fair was all his fault. But he wasnt the only one killing people, on the other hand. Prendergast wanted to run for city council but when he went to go check if he could they told him kno and he got very angry and decided to take it out on the mayor. Towards the end of the fair they had a ceremony in memory of the Mayor as well.

"Grahams also brought to the courtroom the wart Holmes removed from Benjamin Pitezel's corpe and a wooden box containing Pitezel's skull" (Larson 384).

This book overall was a pretty good book, it wasnt what i expected but it made a good impression on me. I knew that it was Holmes behind all the killings it was so ovious because since he was incharge of everyone he had the acess to hide that it was him and he only let women stay in the hotel. Especially when he had to travel to get money he was pretty shaddy comin back to Chicago. But i wonder if he was in the group of the scariest men in Chicago, and if he was how did he enter the group? I enjoyed this book my anticipation rose everytime i read it.

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  1. How many people in Chicago knew about the murders, or were most focused on the fair?